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Mistletoe's particular green leaves, stems, and white berries—each with a tacky seed inside—are effectively conspicuous. As a little seedling, it roots into the bark and wood of a tree and makes an association with the developing ring of the host. In spite of the fact that mistletoe makes its own food, it takes water and supplements from its host tree. 


Mistletoe has been utilized as a Yuletide embellishment for quite a long time. However, mistletoe is harmful whenever eaten, so be cautious with your vacation enlivening. 

 mistletoe is most ordinarily found in shrub oaks. Other realized hosts incorporate elms, hackberries, sycamores, and wild cherry trees. Mistletoe is likewise the lone food hotspot for the hatchling of the extraordinary purple hairstreak (Atlides halesus), one of our most lovely southern butterflies. 

In antiquated occasions, Celtic Druids accepted that mistletoe was a blessed plant since it attached nearer to paradise than some other plant. Its evergreen leaves represented the guarantee of spring's return. In Scandinavian folklore, mistletoe was an image of harmony. These practices and convictions were adjusted by the English and French, giving us the occasion custom of kissing under mistletoe packs. Hanging mistletoe is a Chrismas custom in the U.S., while in Europe, it is all the more regularly connected with New Year's Eve. 

Expulsion and Control 

In view of its parasitic nature, mistletoe can debilitate or obliterate the trees it plagues, particularly if the tree has been undermined by nuisances, tempests, or mature age. Eliminating mistletoe may help resuscitate the tree. There are two regular evacuation techniques, neither of which is simple. 


Mistletoe might be removed of the tree. Eliminate the roots by pruning the swarmed branch in any event six creeps underneath where the mistletoe is appended. Sadly, pruning can harm the tree's construction, aggravating the fix than the issue. You can abstain from moving into trees by utilizing a pruning post. Make certain to play it safe when removing parts of trees, including wearing head and eye assurance. Subsequent to dealing with mistletoe plants, wash your hands thorougly hot, lathery water. 

Development Guideline 

A particular development directing compound called Ethephon can be applied to the mistletoe when the host tree is lethargic, generally from December to early February. Whenever applied while the tree is effectively developing, Ethephon will harm the tree. It should be applied by an authorized irritation control administrator. Contact your nearby district Expansion office for more data about synthetic guideline of mistletoe. 

Making Improvements 

Whenever you have removed mistletoe of the trees in your yard, consider making occasion improvements from the pruning. Refrigerating new cut branches will help keep them new until you are prepared to set them up for embellishing use. 

Utilize slight flower specialist wire to wrap the closures of short mistletoe cuttings. Add strips for shading, and your mistletoe is prepared to loom over an entryway. Fog the branch day by day to keep it looking new. In the wake of dealing with mistletoe plants, wash your hands thorougly hot, foamy water. 

Try not to hang mistletoe straightforwardly above warmers, ovens, chimneys, or some other warmth delivering components. Mistletoe hung in these areas will dry out a lot quicker, making a fire peril.

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