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Algoriddim has been working closely with Apple on its djay programs for many years and regularly appears in the main speech of the company. Now it’s integrating another Apple product, Shazam, into the latest iOS dj app with the release of iOS 15. With the new feature, you can scan your environment and identify any song being played, whether during a occasion, listening to radio or playing sets with other DJs. Once it has selected the song, djay immediately loads it onto the virtual decks and plays it in accordance with the external music source.

Once loaded, you can create a mix with similar tracks, recombine the song, apply effects and deconstruct it into components using the company’s Neural Mix technology. It can also store songs in the music recognition history of iOS 15 in the Control Center, giving users streamlined access to all their song discoveries, “the company said.

Although it sounds like cool technology in search of an application, Algoriddim has a few usage cases in mind. The most important thing is that you can identify a track that you can hear and get it with the push of a button in your library, or create an automatic mix based on the recognized song. “Djay can instantly give you similar tracks to the one you just heard, so you can quickly immerse yourself in a specific style,” Algoriddim told Engadget.

Another, more marginal use case is with back-to-back DJs. If you’re playing with another DJ or in a line-up, you can find the place where the last DJ left off by identifying and syncing with their song before entering your own set. It goes a step further than matching, so you can match exactly the last DJ’s song. Note that many DJs may not care to replay the song from the last DJ, or work with a playlist inspired by it, especially if they do not know the tracks.

With the Shazam-enhanced version of iOS djay, you can store recognized music in your Tidal (music and video), SoundCloud, Beatport and Beatsource (not Spotify or Apple Music). Other new features include the ability to add effects to the main audio output, made possible by new features of the Audio Unit (extensions) in iOS 15. This will allow you to better adjust the sound for broadcast or to to fit a PA system. Algoriddim’s iOS djay update for iOS is now available for free, or you can get the Pro version for $ 6.99 per month or $ 49.99 per year.

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