Amazon banned more than 600 Chinese brands as part of the fight against fraud against review

Have you noticed that some well-known technological accessories are disappearing from Amazon? These are not just rare incidents – they are part of a larger campaign. In response to The edge, Amazon has confirmed a South China Morning Post reported that the internet giant has banned more than 600 Chinese brands (spread over 3000 sales accounts) due to review fraud. These businesses have deliberately and repeatedly violated the review policy that prohibits the incentive to use incentives, Amazon said.

The online retailer first broke the word in an interview with VP Cindy Tai on the state-run network China Central Television. It has previously remained relatively quiet about the larger effort.

The crash had started in earnest five months earlier, but it got more attention when Amazon banned Aukey and Mpow. The sellers were caught offering rewards, including gift cards, to customers who provide reviews. Amazon later launched RAVPower, Vava and other relatively well-known brands for similar behavior. It is not clear how many non-Chinese trademarks were banned.

There are signs that these vendors have evaded a ban or otherwise escaped detection, such as Aukey earplugs under the Key Series trademark. However, it is safe to say that the broader anti-fraud strategy has significantly changed the Amazon market — to the great annoyance of banned businesses that rely heavily on Amazon sales.

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