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Apple has introduced new sharing and personalization features for Podcasts on iOS 15, all meant to help you discover new apps to listen to. As of today, you can find personalized recommendation sections on the Listen Now page that show your podcasts that are similar to the ones you enjoy. They will have the title ‘If you want'[Show Name]”…” and then name titles in the same category or with the same theme or format. They can also list programs from the same studio or titles that other users are listening to the specific podcast.

You will also find new sections with recommendations based on the topics you usually enjoy. For example, if you listen to many programs under Books, you will see sections that recommend titles under related categories, such as art and design. These new custom recommendation features will be available today, September 21st for those who have already installed iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and tvOS 15, and it will also be available for macOS Monterey when the operating system appears this fall. However, its availability is currently limited to specific regions, namely the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Podcasts also get the new Shared with You feature implemented for multiple apps with iOS 15. In Podcasts, you see the new section shared with you on the Listen Now page when someone sends you channels, episodes, or programs over messages. A button that says “From [contact]”will show you who sent it, and you can tap to show the part of your conversation on messages when it was shared, so you can send a reply.

While the feature is a great way to find new shows, you can disable it completely under Messages in Podcast Settings. You can also delete individual recommendations by clicking on the item and selecting “Remove”. Note that the section does not appear until you have received at least one recommendation, and it will disappear once you delete the last item in the list.

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