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takes a step closer to creating the widest metavers with its latest crossover. Instead of partnering with or, Epic Games’s latest with a high fashion brand.

Balenciaga is now at typically high prices. A white Fortnite x Balenciaga hoodie costs $ 725, while a baseball cap costs $ 395. A T-shirt costs $ 495, while a denim jacket will lighten your wallet $ 1,290.

This intersection goes to both sides. Four Balenciaga outfits (including a dog wearing a hoodie) arrive after the match. The Balenciaga Fit Set consists of the first fashion skins in Fortnite.

From Monday at 20:00 ET, you can unlock the backpacks of Balenciaga while bling your back, as well as a themed pickaxe in the form of a sneaker, a purse, folds and emote. There are also some free sprays you can earn through tasks that start on September 21 and last for a week. You can visit a Strange Times Featured Hub that includes a virtual Balenciaga store, as well as a themed photography campaign.

It can open the locks for all kinds Fortnite fashion collaboration in the future. Agent Jones may see some Air Jordan 1s or the Battle Bus wearing Gucci logos. Meanwhile, Epic has released a video showing how his team and Balenciaga used Unreal Engine to add the new look.

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