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The next time you have friends and you run out of one guest’s favorite nipple, you have another way of quickly ordering another bottle – as long as you stay in a place where DoorDash delivers alcohol. You can now use the app to your doorstep in 20 states, the District of Columbia, Canada and Australia. The company says more than 100 million people now have access to liquor delivery via the app.

Users in these markets can see a variety of drinks from restaurants, grocery stores, retailers and convenience stores via the Alcohol tab. Depending on where you live, you can combine alcohol with your restaurant order using the, which allows you to add items to your order from stores in the area without paying a separate delivery fee.

You must be of legal age to order alcohol through DoorDash. Couriers will verify your age at the time of download. You can transfer your ID to the app. Couriers will only be able to see your photo and date of birth in the app – DoorDash says it blurs all other information for security and privacy reasons.

Over the past few years, DoorDash has enabled retailers to deliver alcohol through DoorDash Drive, its white label delivery service. DoorDash Drive couriers comply with orders placed through a merchant’s own website, app or third-party platform, not the DoorDash app. The company has previously allowed users in Southern California to add alcohol to their restaurant orders.

In addition to expanding high-end deliveries, DoorDash is announcing partnerships with alcohol responsibility organizations. Students Against Destructive Decisions and focus on drunk driving and underage drinking. DoorDash is also working with two organizations Down Under, Drinkwise and Retail Drinks Australia, “to further expand our commitment to responsible alcohol service in other countries.”

DoorDash plays a bit in with its competitors when it comes to alcohol. Uber liquor delivery service Drizly earlier this year for $ 1.1 billion. and both have added alcohol delivery options over the past few years.

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