Dynamic head tracking is now available in Apple Music | Engadget

The iOS 15 version offers an extra treat if you’ve a fan of immersive sound: a better sound story for your songs. As announced at WWDC in June, iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 users now have dynamic spatial head tracking in Apple Music. As long as you use the AirPods Pro or AirPods Max, instruments and chorus will have a fixed virtual presence — turn your head and the guitar or voice will rotate accordingly.

Apple promised Apple Music’s promise in the fall, but did not link it directly to iOS 15 at the time. You do not need Apple’s higher AirPods if you’ve satisfied with ‘regular’ spatial sound, though you do need some form of AirPods or Beats headphones if you want automatic Dolby Atmos support.

Yes, this is a not-so-subtle selling price for high-quality AirPods. In any case, it’s only useful for the subset of the Apple Music Catalog with spatial audio support. You can also appreciate it if you want a more natural-sounding (or at least less disturbing) approach to 360-degree sound.

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