Google’s Updated iOS 15 Apps Support Focus Mode and iPad Widgets | Engadget

With, large and small developers have started updating their programs to take advantage of the features of the operating system. One is Google, which has the improvements related to iOS 15 that you can expect from the apps.

The biggest change involves how Gmail, Meet, Tasks, Maps, Home, and many other Google applications will handle notifications. If iOS 15’s new focus mode is enabled, Google will go to the notification center, where you can deal with it later. Timely reminders, such as those sent to you by Google Maps when you try to navigate somewhere, are not silenced, and you will see them as they are sent to you. Google says its goal was to make notifications “as relevant and timely as possible”. You will see it roll out to the company’s programs within the “coming weeks”.

In the meantime, if you have an iPad, you can look forward to new Google Photos and YouTube Music widgets that take advantage of the extra screen space offered by Apple’s tablets. The company says it will also launch it in the coming weeks. Finally, Google Drive and YouTube Music include new Spotlight integrations. You can use the tool to search for specific files and play a song directly in Google’s music streaming service. These enhancements are available today – though you’d probably like more apps to work with Spotlight this way.

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