Hyundai sets Boston Dynamic’s Spot Dynamic as a factory safety inspector | Engadget

Boston Dynamics’ Spot got a new job, and fortunately it does not involve a. Hyundai began testing the robot at a Kia manufacturing plant in South Korea, where it is one of the tools the company uses to ensure the facility is safe for workers. The launch represents the first public collaboration between the two companies since Hyundai at Boston Dynamics last June.

You will see that the Spot in the video released by Hyundai looks different from the robot we saw in previous tracks. This is because the car manufacturer’s Robotics Lab has equipped it with a backpack with a large number of enhancements, including a thermal camera, LiDAR and more powerful computer resources for handling additional AI tasks. The AI ​​Processing Service Unit enables Spot to track people, monitor temperatures and monitor fire hazards. In addition, factory personnel enable a secure website to monitor the robot remotely and take control if they want to inspect an area of ​​the facility more closely.

According to Hyundai, the pilot will help evaluate the effectiveness of Spot as a late-night security patrol robot before deploying it to additional industrial sites. Applications for automation, manufacturing and construction are in line with what the automaker said was his big plan for Boston Dynamics when he bought the business.

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