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In addition to a new range of Surface systems, Microsoft announces a new mouse during the fall hardware event. The name gives away the reason why it is interesting. This is called the Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse.

The shell is made from 20 percent recycled ocean plastic, which is made from waste recycled from oceans and waterways and processed into resin granules. The granules are added to the other materials used to make the shell.


The box of wood and sugarcane in which the mouse enters is completely recyclable and contains no plastic. You can also submit your old mouse for free, and Microsoft will recycle it. Microsoft says the Ocean Plastic Mouse is a small step forward in its ‘greater sustainability journey’.

There are three customizable buttons on the mouse, which support Bluetooth 4.0 up to a distance of 33 feet. Microsoft claims that the peripheral device will work on a single AA battery for up to 12 months. The mouse also supports Swift Pair to help you connect it to your computer. The Ocean Plastic Mouse will ship on October 5, the same day as Microsoft releases Windows 11, and it costs $ 25.

Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse


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