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Netflix has started offering potential paying subscribers in Kenya free access to some of the content. The streaming service has launched a free level in the country that provides about a quarter of the content available to paying subscribers. It has no ads and will not even ask for payment information upon login – a new subscriber only needs to confirm that he is over 18 and enter his email address and password.

That said, it also has limitations, other than having a smaller choice: it is only accessible on an Android device and users cannot download episodes to watch offline or broadcast programs on movies to a TV. In the announcement post, Cathy Conk, Director of Product Innovation at Netflix, said: “If you’ve never watched Netflix – and many people in Kenya have not – it’s a great way to experience our service.” The company hopes that the free level will entice people to pay for the service.

This is not the first time that Netflix has accessed some of the content. Last year, it launched a ‘watch-free’ page where people can stream original movies, such as Birdcage and the first episodes of popular shows like Strange things without first logging in. However, the free plan is new, and a spokesman said Variety that it was first introduced in Kenya as a way for the company to gather information on how effective it is at generating paying customers. Netflix is ​​investing more heavily in new markets to compensate for the slower growth in the US and other saturated markets and amid an increasing number of competing streaming services. Based on what the representative said, we can see that the free level will go to more regions in the future.

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