Netflix signs Dan Levy co-creator of ‘Schitt’s Creek’ for TV and film deal | Engadget

Over the past few years, Netflix has shut down several high-profile creators for TV and movie offerings, including, and Game of Thrones duo. The latest talent to join Netflix’s stable is Dan Levy, the star and co-creator of Schitt’s Creek who won four Emmys last year for the successful Canadian sitcom.

Levy’s first Netflix project is a romantic comedy movie in which he will write, produce, direct and star in Variety. He cannot work on any programs for Netflix until his TV deal with Disney studio ABC Signature expires next summer.

Netflix played a major role in Levy’s rise to stardom after it started streaming Schitt’s Creek in 2017. “Netflix offered Schitt’s Creek a second home at the right time and opened up a new audience for us, ”Levy said in a statement. “To make the program thrive there, it only increased my excitement to continue telling specific, meaningful stories with them in both TV and feature films.”

Levy has other projects underway elsewhere, including through his ABC agreement. Hulu last month commissioned a pilot for an animated comedy called Assist by Levy and co Schitt’s Creek author Ally Pankiw.

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