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Slack has announced several updates as the Dreamforce event kicks off. Below is the introduction of the Stories-style feature, which allows users to share in channels and instant messaging. The company with which it was experimenting with the idea.

Instead of sharing snippets from your life or whatever you think (as on Instagram Stories), Slack Clips is more about sharing work updates. You can use it to share an information session so colleagues can catch up later in other time zones, or to give feedback on a project without typing out all your thoughts. Clips can help teams not try to find a time when everyone is available for a meeting, and rather let people watch recordings when it suits them best.

Slack says it designed the feature with inclusivity and accessibility in mind. Along with changing the playback speed, you can read live, automatic captions. You can also use a transcript to skip the preface and get to the parts of the recording that really matter, and respond to a track with text, audio or video. Unlike Stories on other platforms, clippings will not automatically disappear and the transcripts will be searchable.

Slack now rolls out Clips. The feature should be available to all paid teams this fall.


One of the other things you can do with Clips is share it with people outside your team through Slack Connect. With this feature, users can interact with external partners and customers, and the company also has news in the field. With Slack Connect sponsored connections, Enterprise Grid teams can invite anyone else to channels, even if they are not paid users.

Until now, only organizations with paid plans could work together in channels through Slack Connect. (All users can, regardless of the plan they are working on.) The company suggests sponsorship connections, namely because Enterprise Grid plans cover the cost of Connect, will help teams move faster with partners and customers. Enterprise Grid teams will have access to the feature this fall.

Elsewhere, Slack announces a version of the public-sector app called GovSlack, designed to meet government security and certification needs. GovSlack will be available next year. In a big surprise, the company is also working on deeper integration with Salesforce products.

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