Tesla kills referral programs for cars and solar panels | Engadget

If you’ve been hoping to pick up a few thousand Supercharging miles from Tesla references, we’re afraid you might be too late. In a notice posted on his website by Electrek, Tesla said that “vehicle products and solar panels will no longer be eligible for reference awards from September 18th”. The company’s only active program is currently for the Solar Roof, which awards referrals with monetary rewards of up to $ 500 and free Powerwalls.

Tesla’s reference program has changed tremendously over the years. The carmaker used to promise new Roadsters for top references and up to six months of free charging. It eventually became too expensive to be sustainable, and so the company decided to abolish the program. Tesla shortly after introduced a new one with more reasonable rewards, but promises at least 1,000 miles of free charging.

When the program was re-updated with updated terms, the company said it “heard from … customers that the referral program was one of their favorite reasons to tell their friends about Tesla.” It’s unclear if it would come again this time for the same reason, but we would not be surprised if it did. Note, however, that Tesla has kept some of its bigger promises to referrers. As Electrek noted, it has not yet yielded the Roadsters its best referrers, and people have complained on online forums that they did not receive free Powerwalls and other rewards years ago.

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