The Android 11 auto-recovery permission feature comes with older versions of the operating system | Engadget

When Google launched at the end of last summer, it added a feature that automatically restores app permissions. If you do not use an application after a few months, the operating system may revoke some of the permissions requested by the application once you have installed it. This is a handy feature that is unfortunately only available on a relatively small number of devices, as most Android manufacturers only support their devices for a few years with platform updates. Fortunately, this is about to change.

From December 2021, Google will start rolling out the feature on all devices running Android 6 () and higher, the company announced today in a developer update. The feature comes as a result of an update to Google Play services that will roll out the business to ‘billions’ of devices. Once you have the new software installed on your device, the feature is standard on apps targeting Android 11 or higher. For programs built for older versions of the operating system, you have the option to activate them manually.

This is one of the small quality of life updates that most Android users should appreciate, as it can be easy to forget all the permissions you granted to an app when you first installed it.

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