The new lenses and stickers from Snapchat can teach you basic sign language Engadget

Snapchat introduces new augmented reality lenses and stickers that allow you to give quick lessons on sign language. The company developed the new features as part of its efforts to help the Weak of the Deaf with the guidance of its Deaf and Obedient team members. The new AR lenses use AI and computer vision technology through SignAll, which can recognize and translate American sign language.

One of the lenses will teach you how to spell with your fingers, in which you form individual letters with your fingers to spell a word. The other new lenses will teach you how to spell your username with your fingers, as well as some common words like ‘love’ and ‘smile’. You can scan the Snapcodes below to access them and then share a snippet of yours that you draw on the app.


In addition to the new lenses, Snap has also introduced new general, Bitmoji and Cameos selfie stickers with common signs. The hope is that these new elements can raise awareness and help more people learn a new way of communicating. Jennica Pounds, a deaf software engineer at Snap who was a key figure in the project, said:

“A big motivation for me is my own eldest son, who absolutely loves to talk but had a hard time learning ASL. I’m passionate about this technology because I really believe it opens up so many applications widely. It is technology like this, will help families like me to communicate and grow together. “



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