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If we learned anything from last year’s Surface Book 3, it’s that Microsoft’s wildly removable tablet design was not long before this world. There was simply no way to compete with other powerful laptops, as it was necessary to move a full-fledged Windows computer, complete with a powerful CPU, into a large slate. Go to the Surface Laptop Studio, a new attempt to build a powerful Surface notebook.

Although it initially looks like a regular computer, you can pull the screen forward across the keyboard with a unique hinge. And if you pull it off completely, it becomes a donkey, like a miniaturized version of the Surface Studio all-in-one. While I’m sure some Microsoft fans may be missing the wonder of the Surface Book’s design, the Laptop Studio is clearly more functional for typical users. I have yet to meet any Surface Book owners who use it very frequently in tablet modes – even turning the screen eventually becomes a task.

The Laptop Studio clearly also has a lot of quirks. The bottom half looks almost like two computers stacked on top of each other, with a strange design. And if the flexibility of the screen seems familiar, it may be because it takes some clues from HP’s leather-covered Folio. With the computer you can also pull out the screen and turn it into a tablet. This is a design I was surprised that more computer manufacturers have not adopted, as it looks more useful than convertible screens with a full 360 rating.


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