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Tumblr opens up its paid subscription features to more users. Post +, the subscription it offers in July, is going into an open beta, the company announced. So far, only a handful of creators have had access to Post +, but with the next phase of launch, any US-based blogger can start experimenting with content supported by subscriptions (Tumblr says it plans to launch Post + in more countries later this year to make available). At the moment, Post + allows bloggers to offer subscriptions at $ 2, $ 4, $ 6 or $ 10 per month, though creators can also offer a mix of free content.

With the update, Tumblr joins a field of enterprise hoping to attract users with the promise of subscription revenue. But the company hopes it can create a niche among younger users who would like to experiment with the kind of creative – and often – content that the blogging platform has long been known for.

“It’s not for professionals,” Tumblr’s product chief Lance Willet told Engadget. “In other places – [when] I think of Patreon or Substack, you have to start with your content first and then go out and look for people. We turn it around and say: you already have a niche, why not just ask people to become a supporter?

What’s less clear is whether the Tumblr user base is willing to start paying for free content they got earlier. Just hours after the company first announced plans for Post + in July, the company sent a message to the recipient of the creators of ‘plagued harassment and threats’ about their participation in the initial Post + beta. But Willet says the company has also shown great interest from users who want to try out the tools. Post +, he says, is for everyone with a niche on Tumblr, from Gen Z “meme -heres and poop posters”, to artists and podcasters and bloggers. ‘People can have five followers, or 15 or 500 – it does not matter.

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