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Twitch has entered into an agreement with the National Music Publishers’ Association (NMPA), but it will still not give streamers access to songs they can legally use. In fact, if Billboard points out that this is not a license agreement at all. According to the publication, the living room service owned by Amazon has made a financial settlement for the use of licensed music on the platform. Twitch also told creators in an email that it’s putting together a new process that publishers and rights holders can use to report content.

The new process differs from a DMCA and begins with a warning instead of a fine. If a rights holder reports a stream, Twitch will issue a warning and remove the tracks with unauthorized music. In the event of a flagrant violation – for example, the rebroadcast of concerts and the leak of unreleased tracks – Twitch could issue a penalty, depending on the user’s history.

In its email, Twitch says the new process is more forgiving to users who may have accidentally picked up music they could not use in their streams. Mike Futter van Virtual Economics Podcast note, however, that the new process only makes it easier for music publishers to tag users and that it does not make things better for creators. Streamers cannot dispute a report if they are flagged as a violation, as Twitch will only delete their videos. Even users who previously had the rights to use a piece of music can remove their content if they are falsely tagged.

Billboard says, however, that Twitch and the NMPA have also agreed on a time window to find out how music on the platform will be handled going forward. Twitch is apparently offering NMPA members a subscription contract that will enable future collaboration. As for the new reporting process, the platform has told creators that it could share more information in the coming weeks.

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